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Afrobulls Events

– extravagant people of colour swinger parties with attractive guests in exclusive locations –

Always interested in good entertainment and that “certain something”, Menexx started his first hip-hop parties in the summer of 2005 in a private circle, in small clubs or varying locations. The following year, the idea of expanding the parties was born after he discovered “Joyclub” and the world of swingers for himself…

Menexx organised small private hotel parties with around 10-15 participants, which were well received by all the guests – so well that he quickly decided to become an organiser of swingers parties himself.

Thanks to his sex-positive, open attitude, his sense of good entertainment and the desire to offer his guests something special and unprecedented, an initial concept was quickly developed.Unfortunately, the pandemic broke out at the beginning of 2020 and his plans had to be put on hold for the time being, but he could not let go of his dream of offering his guests the best possible party.

While Menexx initially worked as a DJ manager after the pandemic, organising bookings and supporting other organisers in developing their concepts, it became increasingly clear that he would have to do his own thing if he wanted to create the truly best sex-positive parties.

The parties organised by Afrobulls are designed to guarantee unforgettable nights in a dreamlike atmosphere. A select audience, exclusive locations, tasteful catering, the best music, excellent organisation, little surprises and great parties where everyone feels comfortable are important to the Afrobulls events team. The parties should be a safe space for all guests. The parties are kinky, erotic and extravagant.

In summer 2022, the time had finally come. Menexx organised its first big swinger private party with around 120 guests at a location in Dortmund. The positive response encouraged him to finally realise his dream in an official setting and he founded his company “Afrobulls Events”. Thanks to his many years of experience in the event / swinger / sector, he was now well networked with people who were equally enthusiastic about his vision and have been actively supporting him with their know-how ever since.

On 11/11/2023 the “Mega Black Carnival Party” took place, which was hosted by Joyclub.de. A rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars spoke for itself.